Choosing The Right Dog Bed For Your Pup’s Sleep Style Will Help You Both Sleep Better

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We all know what it’s like to get a terrible night’s sleep. You wake up cranky and no amount of coffee makes up for it. The same thing can happen to our canine friends if they don’t have a good night’s sleep. That’s why choosing the best dog bed for your pup is so important.

The average dog sleeps 12-14 hours per day. Puppies, much like human babies, need more sleep and can sleep 18-20 hours a day. Older dogs, certain breeds, or dogs with medical conditions may also sleep longer than an average dog.

Even if your dog sleeps in your bed with you at night, they should have a dog bed of their own in a quiet area of the house for naps.

When you’re deciding on a new bed for your dog, keep in mind:

  • Age – while puppies may be comfortable on a blanket or inexpensive dog bed, an older dog will probably prefer more support
  • Breed – small or hairless breeds often need and prefer a cave style bed or a fluffier bed for warmth; long haired breeds may overheat easily and prefer a cot style bed off the ground for air circulation.
  • Size – large dogs will quickly flatten out inexpensive stuffing in dog beds and need more support
  • Health Concerns – dogs with incontinence, arthritis, or other medical conditions benefit from specialty beds that can be washed and orthopedic beds that support sore joints
  • Color and style – this one is for you, not your dog! If the bed meets your pet’s needs, you then want to think about how the bed will look in your home. Make sure you find a color or pattern that will blend in and look good with the rest of your decor.

Take a look through the chart below to see which type of bed you think is right for your dog. Remember that many dogs, just like their human parents, enjoy sleeping in more than one position.

If it’s in your budget to buy more than one type of bed that can help solve this problem. For example, maybe your dog likes to sprawl out during the day on a flat bed in the living room but prefers to curl up at night in the bedroom.

Finding the Right Bed For Your Dog’s Sleep Style

Flat Rectangular BedFor dogs who love to sprawl out
Bolster Style BedFor dogs who like to rest their head and have some support
Curler Style BedFor dogs who like to have support all around, to nest, and cuddle into their bed
Cave Style BedFor dogs who like to burrow and lay under the covers of your bed or a blanket
Specialty BedsFor dogs with special needs like arthritis, incontinence, or over-heating; also comfy beds that blend better with your decor

Note: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Dog Bed Styles

Flat Rectangular Bed

Your pup may have to make room for you on this comfy bed! This bed is an orthopedic memory foam bed for large dogs up to 100 pounds, or for smaller dogs who like to share.

It has a removable washable cover and waterproof lining to protect the memory foam. It also has a non-slip bottom.

Bolster Style Bed

This highly rated dog bed from Amazon is a lounge-style with bolster. It also has an orthopedic memory foam mattress.

The cover is removable and washable, and it has a non-skid bottom. It’s also available in sizes small through XXL.

Curler Style Bed

This curler or “bagel” style dog bed is stuffed with high loft polyester fill and is great for dogs who want to curl up in a soft bed.

The entire bed is machine washable. The base of the bed is waterproof so accidents can’t leak onto your floor, but the bed isn’t waterproof if you have a dog or puppy prone to accidents.

It comes in 24 through 54-inch sizes depending on your needs.

Cave Style Bed

This cozy cave bed is for the dog who is a true burrower! It has a machine washable microsuede exterior and sherpa interior.

The base has 3″ of orthopedic foam topped with a 2″ layer of polyester batting. The bed features a rust-proof brass zipper to make it easier to remove for washing.

This cave bed comes in sizes small, large and extra-large. It’s not meant for giant breed dogs. The extra-large should fit a dog about the size of a Doberman. It also comes in a ton of colors to match your decor.

Specialty Dog Beds

Puprugs - Try with sprawlers, dogs who need an orthopedic bed, dogs who like snuggling into furry material

Puprug - Faux Cow Hide

Puprug - Runner Faux Fur

Puprug - Faux Fur Classic Look

The first specialty dog bed we'll look at is called the Puprug. These dog beds come in a variety of colors and styles, but all feature an orthopedic premium memory foam base, a water-resistant liner, and washable covers.

These beds are great if you're looking for something that is super comfy for your pup but blends into your decor like a rug. The Puprug comes in many different sizes and styles to suit you and your pup.

Elevated Beds - Try with dogs who overheat quickly, aggressive bed chewers, dogs who like to nap outside

This Kuranda elevated dog bed is good for dogs who get overheated easily as well as for bed chewers.

It has high strength PVC framing that supports up to 100 pounds of pooch. It's easy to clean, the Cordura fabric provides good traction for your dog to get on and off the bed, and is good for indoor use.

The fabric on the bed slides inside the frame to discourage chewing. It comes in sizes small through XXL.

This all-aluminum indoor/outdoor elevated Kuranda bed is meant for heavy chewers as well as dogs who overheat or need elevated support. It's great to have outside in the shade for your dog in the summer.

It's highly rated on Amazon for destructive chewers, so if your dog falls into this group it's a good bed to try. Just the same as the indoor Kuranda, this one is easy to clean with its heavy-duty vinyl fabric sleep surface.

Bed Frame - good looking and a comfortable dog bed to blend in with your decor

Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame

Mid-Century Modern fans take note - here's a bed that will fit right in with your home! This Furhaven bed frame includes the frame only.

This frame comes in bamboo or walnut finish and is available in small through jumbo sizes. Assembly is required.

Furhaven makes several styles of mattresses/beds that will fit perfectly. Styles include sofa beds, chaise lounges, and mattress beds.

Pet Sofa - for dogs who like to stretch out, lean, or curl

Get your pup their very own sofa to enjoy and give yourself some extra room while you both watch Netflix. This dog sofa is a great fit for dogs who like to stretch out, lean, or curl while they nap.

The sofa has 2" legs to keep it off the floor, a removable and washable cushion cover, and fits dogs up to 90 pounds.

Small Dog Bunk Bed - great for two small dogs

This adorable bed is for all the small dog lovers out there. And if you have a cat, make sure your pup is willing to share!

This double deck bed is meant for dogs under 15 pounds. The mat isn't included. You can leave the wood look unfinished or paint/stain it yourself to your liking.

Heads up to the assembly-challenged like myself: it comes unassembled but does have pre-drilled holes. Hey, you can always invite your friends over for a dog bed assembly pizza party.

Dog Crate End Table - stylish furniture + a dog cave

Okay, so this one isn't strictly a bed. But if you need an end table (or just want a stylish looking crate) and your dog likes having a little cave of her own then consider this piece.

This dog crate end table is made with hardwood construction. It's stained and lacquered just like fine furniture. Available colors are mahogany and espresso.

It has a versatile swing-through door that rotates inside so it's out of the way. A pad is not included.

It's available in two sizes: medium for small and medium-sized dogs up to 45 pounds, and large for pets up to 80 pounds.

Important features for you and your pup are the multiple vents that also allow them to look out all sides of the crate, and a waterproof floor to make clean up easy.

Note to pet parents: I wouldn't get this crate if your dog is a chewer or doesn't like being crated due to the wood construction. If your dog enjoys their crate and sees it as their own quiet little den then this multi-purpose piece might be a great choice.

Kennel Pad/Travel Bed - comfy, inexpensive, and multi-functional

If you have a crate for your dog and are looking for a soft crate pad this will fit the bill.

It comes in sizes of 24, 30, 36, and 42 inches. The pad is made of fleece plush material with cotton padding inside. It has a non-skid bottom and is machine washable.

It's small and versatile so you can also use it a dog bed in the car, on your sofa or other furniture, or on your bed. It's easy to roll up and take along for travel.

Cooling Gel Infused Memory Foam Pad - great for extra large dogs, dogs who overheat easily, or older dogs with arthritis

This cooling memory foam pad (note: pad only, no cover) got great reviews on Amazon from pet parents with giant breed dogs and pets with arthritis.

The cooling foam helps keep large dogs cooler. It would work great if you need a replacement for a memory foam bed or if your dog has a favorite blanket you just want to tuck around it.

Pads come in a variety of sizes in one or two packs, and can be cut to fit.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are tons of choices out there for dog beds. Age, breed, size, sleep style, and health considerations all play a part in choosing the right bed for your dog.

Many people, including me, opt for multiple dog beds in various locations in the house. We also have several styles including bolsters, a curler, and a flat orthopedic bed.

Once you find the right bed (or beds!), you'll both be waking up refreshed instead of on the wrong side of the dog bed :)

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