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About Us

My name is Cheri and I've been a dog mom for 13 years (that's 91 years in dog years!). My husband and I currently have three dogs, and one who passed away a couple of years ago.

Our Labradors were active and chewy puppies, so I've been through every kind of tough toy and bone imaginable. Our current "baby", Finn, is a two-year-old Shepherd mix with lots of energy, so I'm going through it all again!

I've also been through a lot of health issues with our dogs, from ear infections, torn toenails, frozen tail, kennel cough, chronic diarrhea, ACL and dental surgery to life-threatening stomach surgeries, laryngeal paralysis, and terminal cancer.

Our dogs are our babies, and I know that if you've read this far you feel the same. You only want the best of everything for them.

As a dog mom, my promise to you is that I'll only talk about products I've either used with my own dogs, or are reviewed highly enough that I would buy them myself. I urge you to always closely monitor your dog with any new toy, bone, bowl, or product for your unique situation so you can be confident they are safe.

I'll also bring you news and information about dog health issues that affect many of our pups. I'm not a veterinary professional, so I hope you'll take any information here as a starting point in your dog's health journey and consult with a veterinarian regarding any concerns you have.

And with that, let's meet the rest of the crew!

Executive Team

You know how businesses always say they'd be nothing without their team? Well, in this case it's 100% true. Can't be a dog mom without dogs! So take a look at our Executive Team below.

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CEO - In Charge of Everyone


Casey is our 13-year-old female Chocolate Labrador Retriever. She's slowed down a bit over the years but still loves going for walks, sniffing, and anything involving food!

In her younger years, she was a fantastic swimmer and Frisbee retriever.

Her entire life she has been the most stubborn Labrador I've ever known. She has her own plans and she really doesn't want to change them!

Casey has never liked toddlers and young children. She doesn't like other dogs but tolerates her brothers.

She's been through the wringer health-wise over the years. As a puppy, she had constant ear and urinary tract infections. She had an allergic reaction to a spider and her head swelled up to twice its size.

At one year of age, she ate a stomach full of pea gravel at her daycare and had to have emergency surgery to remove it.

At age 11 she had a dental cleaning, and blood work discovered she had liver cancer. She had a lobe of her liver successfully removed.

At age 12 she collapsed at the beginning of a short walk during a summer morning. She was diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis and had surgery to pin back part of her airway so she could breathe again.

Through it all, she's both the toughest and sweetest girl ever.


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Vice President - Squeaker Toys


Finn is our 2-year-old German Shepherd/Black Mouth Cur/Little bit of everything mix. We adopted from a local rescue when he was about eight months old.

Finn was born in Texas and abandoned with his siblings as puppies. Luckily, he was left at a warehouse where the owner penned the puppies in and fed them until the rescue picked them up.

He is a shy and goofy guy who continues to come out of his shell more each day. He loves playing with other dogs at daycare. He is a big squeaky toy fan.

Finn is also becoming quite the hunter. He loves sniffing around for voles and mice in our field, and is pretty much interested in any squirrel, bird, or animal that moves.

He's not overly food motivated, but loves a good frozen Kong or a piece of salmon.

Finn's personality is still developing, so I look forward to sharing his new adventures with you!

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Senior Vice President - Tennis Balls


Riley is a nine-year-old Yellow Labrador Retriever/Golden Retriever mix. Like his brother Finn he was abandoned as a puppy in Texas.

Riley and at least two siblings were abandoned as young puppies. By the time they were brought to a local Texas animal shelter one of his female siblings was so emaciated and sick she passed away.

Riley came to us and his other sister went to Alaska.

Riley's passion is chasing tennis balls. His greatest joy is that he finally learned how to fit two tennis balls in his mouth a couple of years ago, so one is never enough now!

He also loves going for walks and chasing the water from the garden hose in the summer. Car rides are unfortunately not his thing.

He has always been a nervous guy, which I can understand after his rough beginning in life. He has hip dysplasia and some arthritis in his hip, at least partially due to his poor nutrition and bone formation as a puppy.


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Cooper - In Memorium

Wow, do I ever miss this guy. He was the best dog ever.

Cooper passed away at age nine and half of osteosarcoma (bone cancer). As you can see, he was the most gorgeous Black Labrador Retriever ever!

Cooper grew up with Casey as his big sister. He loved every person, and especially every dog, he ever met. Everyone was his friend.

Cooper didn't ever like the typical things labradors like such as swimming or retrieving.

He did love squeaker toys, tugging, and napping in the sun. He loved to eat apples from our apple tree, and his mouth was big enough to "hide" an apple in there from us until he could find a shady spot to enjoy it.

As a puppy Cooper nearly died of intussusception (when one portion of the intestine slides over another part causing a blockage).

A few months before he passed away from cancer, he developed a limp and needed ACL surgery. After he recovered, he developed pain in his other back leg and we thought it was another ACL.

I wish it had been, but instead it was cancer and he passed away less than two weeks after diagnosis.

We love our boy and miss him every day.

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